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FACEPALM :iconalbinoleopard101:albinoleopard101 0 7 Le Raccoon :iconalbinoleopard101:albinoleopard101 1 0 Give meh the badge AKA drew with the mouseeeeeeeee :iconalbinoleopard101:albinoleopard101 2 0 Mourning Dove :iconalbinoleopard101:albinoleopard101 5 2 Dove START :iconalbinoleopard101:albinoleopard101 1 0 Chickadee :iconalbinoleopard101:albinoleopard101 9 0 Blue Macaw Pointillism Up Close :iconalbinoleopard101:albinoleopard101 4 0 Blue Macaw Pointillism :iconalbinoleopard101:albinoleopard101 11 4 Big Happy Family :iconalbinoleopard101:albinoleopard101 1 0 Dad FINISHED :iconalbinoleopard101:albinoleopard101 3 0 Dad START :iconalbinoleopard101:albinoleopard101 1 0 Mom :iconalbinoleopard101:albinoleopard101 1 0 Sister :iconalbinoleopard101:albinoleopard101 2 0 Me :iconalbinoleopard101:albinoleopard101 1 0 Simple Tulip :iconalbinoleopard101:albinoleopard101 2 0 Parade of Flamingos :iconalbinoleopard101:albinoleopard101 1 0
Don't judge the book by the cover


The Duchess :iconsinistrosephosphate:SinistrosePhosphate 60 101 Annabel Lee :iconsinistrosephosphate:SinistrosePhosphate 40 34 Pastel [Gift] :iconnatakiro:Natakiro 33 3 Daily Paint 1601. Seadragon Fruit :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 3,501 65 Skeletal Abomination :iconchirun:chirun 706 0 Woody :iconpiemationsart:PiemationsArt 741 94 Marsbars.jpeg :iconpiemationsart:PiemationsArt 608 67 Bhart :iconpiemationsart:PiemationsArt 497 31 Daily sketch - Smoke bug :iconpowerofsin:PowerOfSin 12 5 don't mind me just a speedpaint :iconshuman100:Shuman100 18 13 Judgement [OC: Tsung] :iconxxserena-crossexx:xXSerena-CrosseXx 35 5 Turtle :iconsquiddosnazz:Squiddosnazz 37 22 111116 :iconbajingzang:Bajingzang 29 3 Cheese :iconsuchtortoise:SuchTortoise 6 0 Commission for Kihyun 1/2 :iconfelispirit:Felispirit 109 3 Khayri :iconpearlybones:PearlyBones 18 0


If you want yourself or somebody you know to have a birthday shoutout, here is your chance!

This is fully customizable, just link me at least their DA username and a full description of the card.
Happy Birthday to whoever orders!
Just images of eyes

sry if pictures don't show up :(
Traditional art COLORED
Colored/shaded hand drawn art
Traditional Art UNCOLORED
Anything hand drawn

Steven Universe
Just anything for this show!
Sketches and Outlines
Just a quick Sketch <3   Before commissioning, read this.  Opening Commissions and Collabs!If you want an OC, it is 20 points
Bust? 10 points
Art with an outline has no extra charge 
Lineless art is an extra 30 points, due to the time and effort it takes
If you want a funny art piece, it is 5 points
If you want fan art, it is 25 points 

Read it? Then send me a reference (if you are doing an OC or something like that) and tell me if you want it sketched with messy lines, sketched with clean lines, or having just a complete outline. I made this cheap for a reason: because sketches and outlines are easy to do. Thanks for your business (or even reading this!)!
Fan Art
PAY ONLY IN POINTS.  Opening Commissions and Collabs!If you want an OC, it is 20 points
Bust? 10 points
Art with an outline has no extra charge 
Lineless art is an extra 30 points, due to the time and effort it takes
If you want a funny art piece, it is 5 points
If you want fan art, it is 25 points 
   IGNORE THE POINT BASES. Just tell me what you want (along w/ reference pic if I say you need it) and I'll do it :) DO NOT SET DEADLINE, I AM VERY BUSY. ALSO IGNORE THE COLLAB PART!!!

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albinoleopard101's Profile Picture
Alicia (Alice/Ally)
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I have been doing art ever since I could use my pencil, mainly because I liked it. I am more of a pencil on paper (traditional artist), but I am slowly moving to digital art for one, practice, and for two, the difficulty of taking pictures and uploading pencil and paper (going to do a big photoshoot for traditional art soon due to my uploading schedule being late on DA). I also have played flute for 4 years, AND have a sister that sings in choir. Her username is Black-Raven19. I am okay with criticism as long as you are not lashing out or being SUPER harsh. Also, I may act cruel (sometimes I get hyper or triggered from stress, occasional depression, and/or anger) so please ignore it and know I apologize for it. I got my tablet last year and I have improved dramatically since then. I am a crazy nerd who likes Undertale, Legend of Zelda, Splatoon, Pokemon, and Yo-Kai Watch. Also, some of my art is downloadable, so go and knock yourself out! I will try not intend to make mature content, unless for anatomy, vent, or reference purposes.


Just got back from a concert and am ready to use my brain for art instead of music (no interesting pictures tho :(  )
Another thing broke in my room
Posting a picture soon
I was at a Walgreens today just so I could use the bathroom and I saw a NO EPIDERMIC NEEDLES sign, and on the bathroom door was a NO MERCHANDISE FROM HERE BEYOND THIS POINT sign, so it definitely didn't mean syringes from its pharmacy.

How... comforting...

PS the trash can had the sign on it and the paper towel dispenser was above it and your hands would go into the trash can to get a paper towel, and the sign made me so eased at mind I didn't dry my hands and proceeded to go out in rainy, icy weather, so my hands were numb by the time I was back in the car. Ever so comfortable.
Ze cards are organized
it only took me 3 days and all of my back.
I have spent my entire day organizing almost 200 Prismacolor pencils and working on a poster for a play our school will be doing (I am set and costume design)

Now I have to organize probably more than 500 Pokemon cards and the rest of my dirty room.

And to think Spring Break is relaxing.
My computer has also been haywire like my drawing pad.

Maybe it is time to throw both in the trash and walk away like it never happened.
My programs do not load anymore, every time I sign in to something (Like Flight Rising or DA) it logs me out of the rest of the things I have open, and every tab reloads for no reason. 

Only now does all of my crucial equipment break
Oh and I almost burned my room down because I decided to be a full idiot and light a tissue on fire. I panicked and threw it to the ground, that in my room, is FLAMMABLE CARPET LIKE OMG WHAT WAS I THINKING. Now I have two circles burned into my carpet so life is good. NOT!
My drawing pad officially broke :(

Anybody have recommendations (preferably WACOM related) for new drawing pads
Yuss Snow Day!!! Plus the beginning of my Spring Break!

And most important, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Black-Raven19 !!!


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